Inter 12 has looked at the role of events in the production of architecture, focusing on the ‘moment’ as a trigger for something far larger and more impactful. We have explored the ephemeral manifestations of architecture and how they help define the experiences central to our cultural environments.

We have considered the contingent in architecture and tested the idea of agency beyond the profession by asking how the audience and user can inform the production of spaces and cities. To do this we have treated events as design elements with specific temporality, which shift the emphasis away from the purely spatial onto the activities and users the occupants. The unit is design and research driven, using representational drawings and design techniques from a range of alternative disciplines. The shifting and pulsing of these events over time was choreographed through an architectural score that became both a record and instruction for proposals. As a final outcome the students produced a number of 2D and 3D objects that reflect their constructed events.

Whether addressing political activism, engaging with the performative properties of mass entertainment, supporting traditional cultures or exploring innovative construction techniques, we have questioned the role of the architectural project as something in continuation and considered it less as a material solution and more as designed experiences, moments, journeys and trajectories over time.